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     So glad the cold and dreary short days are over and the summer fun has begun.  If you're like me, you might have accidentally put on a few holiday cheer pounds....oops!  Let us help you get back into trunk and bikini shape with our Weight Management/Loss'll jump start you back into a more healthy and energetic you. 

     Summer is also a great time to get those annual healthy kids physicals completed as well.  We have the forms on our EHR system for all ages, all you need to do is call and make an appointment to get this very important exam scheduled.

     Unfortunately, the summer always has a tendancy to fly by and the school year creeps up on us....along with those school and sports physicals.  We do a ton of these and do so very inexpensively.  An appointment is always a better way to go....but these don't require an appointment if convenience of a drop in works better for you.

I hope this post finds you well....but when you're not, we're standing by for you and yours.

Happiness and Health!  DC



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our patients and families!  Hard to believe that 2016 has almost come and gone!  Don’t know if it’s just me, but when I broke the 50 barrier…the years have seemingly accelerated beyond my aging speed comfort level. UGH!  Anyway, this is the time of year of great reflection & review, thanks, and maybe a few apologies.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of you and what you mean to our practice and all the staff and their families that serve the practice and you.  We know you have many options when it comes to your health, and we sincerely appreciate you giving us the opportunity to serve you in that capacity.  Hopefully, you view MedStop One as your extended family and know that we do you as well.  Please know that our goal is complete patient satisfaction….and I need to know if/or when we’re not meeting that goal.  If we’ve fallen short in our efforts, I’m sincerely sorry for that, and would like to know about it.  My vm is never full and my office door is always open…please don’t hesitate to let me know.  Like everyone else here, I’m here for you….our #1 reason to be here.  I know we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year….hopefully it’s just for routine healthcare needs, but know that we’re standing by for whatever mishap or unforeseen need arises.  We’ll be closed on Saturday (24th) and Monday (26th), but we’ll be back at full strength on Tuesday (27th).

Keep in mind that the end of the year isn’t for another week, and your deductible has most likely been met, so if you haven’t had your annual physical, or want to discuss something you have been thinking about but haven’t had the time to come in and do so……NOW might be a good time for that.  Also remember, flu season is still floating and spreading among us….don’t let the flu be a reason you can’t enjoy the holidays and your family.  Walk in anytime to get that, no appointment necessary.

Love you guys and wishing you all the merriest of Christmas’s, a Happy New Year, and the best in life that 2017 has to offer!

Happiness and Health!


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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to our office Blog! This will be my first attempt at blogging, so please just know I’m a total rookie.  Our goal in updating and modernizing (not sure that’s a word) our website to include a “Blog”, is to help you, our patients and MedStop One family, stay informed of office, health, and industry information and changes.  I’m hoping that the information shared will assist you and your family in not only health, but life matters as well.  For instance, the holiday season is fast approaching and I will post any changes to the office hours and/or provider schedules within the blog.  Flu season is fast approaching as well, and for this we will keep you posted on flu issues that we’re seeing in the office, and what CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is seeing and reporting on a National level.

 School is back in full swing now, and already we’re treating more kids for the common issues that routinely spread throughout the classroom….and then impact your family.  Every staff member of MedStop One have children ourselves, so we know the pain and inconvenience associated with having sick kids. Remember, appointments for this type of acute issue aren't necessary….just bring them in and we’ll get them treated and on your way.

 OK, so our first blog is complete.  Please feel free to comment and/or suggest on this blog and what you might like to see in future blogs.  Sorry, no relationship, marital, financial, or career guidance will be provided, but would be welcomeJ!  Good health and God Bless! DC

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