Happy New Year!

2020 will always be a year like none other in my lifetime, and probably yours as well.  The GOOD NEWS is we get a restart here in 2021, and I have high hopes for the happiness and health of things to come.

COVID-19:  Unfortunately, we still must contend with this pandemic.  With the vaccine and situational awareness of this virus, I firmly believe that we will see a full containment of CV-19 in the near future.  We won’t be administering the vaccines here at MedStop One because we don’t have the necessary freezer capacity of -40 degrees to store it, but I posted on our Facebook page how you can get signed up to receive it.  The shipments go pretty fast once they receive them, so if you’re in the high risk population, please monitor the site and get signed up as quickly as possible.  

Crystal Thomas, FNP-BC:  You might have seen or even met our new provider.  We found Crystal in a provider search, and she is such a great addition to our team.  Crystal also has a great deal of Administrative experience, so she’s helping me with some of the administrative workload that has become overwhelming for me.  We’re very lucky to have found such a great fit, and I’m sure you will agree once you’ve had the opportunity to meet her yourself.

Weight Management:  If you’re like me, you might have accidentally put on a few holiday cheer pounds….oops!  Let us help you get back into trunk and bikini shape, or just a healthy you with our Weight Management/Loss program….it’ll jump start you back into a more healthy and energetic you. 

I hope this post finds you well….but when you’re not, we’re standing by for you and yours.

Happiness and Health!  DC

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