Patient Portal Login

WELCOME to the Patient Portal….your one stop medical information resource.  Our new Electronic Health Records system (Advanced MD) has a fantastic way for you to review, save, and even transfer your records to anyone or anywhere you may want them to go.  Please know that even though you can view them online, the security of your information is triple protected (meaning to the highest degree and by HIPPA and Privacy Regulations).  You will have to register and revalidate every time you want to log into the portal, but to have this available to you whenever you want it is how it should be….it’s your record anyway!  Here are the steps to register and begin viewing your personal medical file and history.  As always, I stand by ready to answer your questions and help you thru the steps if you have any issues. 

  1. Direct patients to your practice's Patient Portal login page where they can click Register to begin their self-registration for the Portal.

  2. After filling out the required information on the screen and clicking Register, the patient will receive a Patient Portal Account Notification email with a link to the Complete Account Registration screen, where they can finish registering for their portal account.

    Important Notes:

  • To register, the patient name and email entered on the Register a New Account screen must match the name and email on the Patient Information screen.

  • The initial email address entered on the Patient Information screen will also display in the Account Email field on the Patient Portal dialog.

  •   3. We have updated the patient portal with newly designed Register, Log On, and Forgot Password screens and integrated the patient portal log in process with Facebook® and Google® login credentials. Patients can now link their portal account with their social media account and conveniently access their patient portal using their Facebook or Google account login information.

Important Note: Privacy is important. The system uses social media account information to validate the patient’s identity. We will never access a patient’s profile or post to their social media account.

The following information must be entered to register and activate a portal account:

  • New Password
  • Note: Passwords must contain a minimum of eight characters and include one upper case letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character.
  • And at least one of the following identifiers:
    • Birth Date – MM/DD/YYYY
    • SSN – last four digits
  • Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Click Register
  • Once the account is registered and activated, account holders are automatically logged in to the Patient Portal.



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